Water Conservation Suggestions

Water is a precious resource that belongs to all of us. Please use it responsibly and teach the children and grandchildren to use it responsibly. See tips below: Catch water while waiting for hot water and feed to plants, garden, other Catch water from leaky faucets to water plants, garden, other Clean greasy/heavily soiled containers […]

Forest Health

Due to our high winds and in light of our current fire danger, it is more than encouraged that ALG&CC owners take responsibility for the health of their properties (see paragraph B, below).  Both the Zoning mandate and the requirement for owners to appropriately maintain lots (re grass & tree trimming) becomes more critical than […]

Short term rentals

History: Alto Lakes Golf & Country Club Community Covenants and Zoning Ordinances do not permit the use of residential properties for business/commercial purposes.  Over the last few years some Alto G&CC members have come to the conclusion that short-term rentals should be classified as commercial/business activities. As regards a review of recent case laws, primarily […]


Zoning will address drainage issues with the county in 2011 on behalf of ALG&CC with documentation received from the community and compiled by Commissioners.  Homeowner Don Brewer spoke to the Commission of his concerns regarding the upcoming monsoons and anticipated flooding, and the need to bring before the Lincoln County Board of Commissioners the County’s responsibility […]

911 Placards (Rural Addressing)

Monday, May 2 2011 In the case of an emergency, the importance of the 911 Rural Placard signage cannot be stressed enough.  For your own safety – it is strongly recommended all ALG&CC homes comply with County law and place the required placards in their front yards. The Ordinance was enacted as when emergency vehicles […]