Orderly, Harmonious, and Sound Development

Welcome to the website of the Alto Lakes Special Zoning District. The Zoning District is required, by New Mexico Law, to operate fully under the principals of open government. Meeting agendas must be published in advance, meetings and hearings must be open, and meeting minutes must be published in a timely manner. This web site is an extension of the Commission's philosophy of providing all possible means for Alto Lakes property owners, regardless of residency, to participate fully in the operation of the District.

The ALSZD was created in September 2004 in accordance with the New Mexico Special Zoning District Act. The District is managed by an elected, five-member Commission. It is the governmental authority charged with adopting and enforcing zoning and land use restrictions for Alto Lakes.

On February 20, 2006, the Zoning District was officially removed from the jurisdiction of the Ruidoso - Lincoln County Extra-territorial Zone (ETZ) which is administered by the Village of Ruidoso. It required nearly a year to obtain the required approvals from the County Commission, the Ruidoso Village Council, and the ETZ Authority. The ALSZD is now the sole local government entity with zoning jurisdiction within the District boundaries.

The operation of the District is supported by user fees.

The District is not affiliated with, nor a part of, the Alto Lakes Golf and Country Club or the Club’s Architectural Control Committee.

Ordinance Intentions

This ALSZD Ordinance is intended to create orderly, harmonious, and sound development in order to promote the health, safety, and general welfare of the residents and real property owners within the boundaries of the Alto Lakes Special Zoning District.

The ordinance is necessary to:

  1. Promote health and general welfare;
  2. Provide adequate open spaces for light and air;
  3. To avoid undue concentration of population;
  4. Preserve the Zoning District’s environmental and residential resources, including the quality and quantity of the Zoning District’s water supply;
  5. Protect the Zoning District’s residents from possible hazardous effects of uncontrolled land uses;
  6. To attempt to protect the public from fire, floodwaters, panic, and other dangers;
  7. Accommodate quality sanitation services;
  8. Help control congestion of streets and public ways;
  9. Facilitate adequate provisions for community facilities such as transportation, sewers, open space, country club and golf course;
  10. Encourage the location of compatible uses of land;
  11. Support and improve the local economy; and
  12. Protect and preserve the appearance and quality of the buildings, land, landscape and the environment.

The zoning regulations and restrictions of this ordinance are designed and intended to be in accordance with the Land Use Master Plan.

In their interpretation and application, the provisions of this ordinance are minimum requirements, adopted for the promotion of the public health, safety, and general welfare.